Profile. As on 31st March 2012
a) No of Total hamlets 1414 Nos.
b) Number of hamlets (Paras) connected. 1157 Nos
c) No. of paras not connected with power line. 257 Nos
d) Length of Power/ Electrical line (LT+HT). 4239 K.M
e) Total Number of consumers  
i) Domestic. 55,381 Nos.
ii) Commercial 5,423 Nos.
iii) Others 2,986 Nos.
f) Power Generation (2011-12) 436.14 Mn. Unit
g) Capacity of Power Generation (Rukiha) 90 MW
h)Demand (peak hours) 24 MW


                       Planning for 2012-13

                   *36 habitations under SPA, 11 under BADP & 22 hab. under RGVY

                     scheme are in progress. Rest habitations will be covered under

                      RGVY phase-II.

                    *Service connection will take 30 days time.

                    * NEEPCO is on to operationalse Manarchak (Sonamura) project by

                       March of 2013 (104 MW)